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Prolog is a computer language, borne out of research into Logic Programming and Artificial Intelligence during the 1970s, and first brought to a wider audience in the early 1980s, when Brian was working at Imperial College, London, and ported an existing CP/M implementation, "micro-PROLOG", which became the first version of this language to run on the then-brand-new, IBM PC.

Brian left Imperial in about 1984 to pursue his work with Prolog, and in 1989, started on his own, brand-new Prolog engine, "386-PROLOG", which he continues to develop and maintain personally to this very day, forming the foundation of the entire software portfolio of the London-based company, Logic Programming Associates (LPA). Best known in its "WIN-PROLOG" guise, this engine is also available in specialised forms for embedding in other applications, websites, scripts, and more.

Apart from Prolog, Brian has also developed a large collection of utilities, performing everything from simple file maintenance, encryption and security functions, to full-scale MIDI librarians, Internet data acquisition programs, and much more. Preferring to work in MS-DOS while programming, Brian's computing environment comprises a rich set of about 250 specialised commands and functions, some of which he first implemented more than 25 years ago!

Brian is a highly experienced programmer, systems analyst and software architect, and together with his colleagues at LPA, will undertake bespoke programming for Windows or DOS, using C, Prolog or Assembler as appropriate; please contact him to discuss your requirements.